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Application for Accreditation

The NCAC independently determines if a college meets the high standards and stringent requirements of traditional and distance learning practices. We evaluate the schools policies and procedures to ensure they meet our established criteria. The application below must be completed in full and an initial determination will be provided. Once all verifications and/or site visits are conducted and approved, official accreditation will be given. Please allow 5-7 days to process your application.

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Owner/CEO/President Name:

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Type of Organization (Corp, LLC, Private):

Business License #:

State Issued:

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Detailed Description of Classes/Disciplines Offered:

Highest degree offered:

Full List of Other Accrediting Bodies (Names & Addresses):

Describe the Methodology of Curriculum Development:

Describe the Methodology of the Grading System:


Full List of Senior Professors and Titles:

List a Minimum of 5 Professor Contacts (Phone & Addresses):


Average Student/Professor Ratio:

Total Number of Alumni for the Past 3 Years:

Describe the Graduation Process and Requirements:

Describe the Process of Degree Recording:

Total Credits Required for Highest Degree:

Contact Person for Physical Site Inspection:

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